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A Little Bit of Coastal Maine

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Back in the early 80's, when I was a struggling fine arts major student in New York City, I landed in Camden, Maine for what was to become a gap year in my studies. It was the beginning of summer and Maine was a refreshing change from the urban landscape of the city.

While it was only under a year that I lived there, I look back fondly on the tourist town vibe and the 2nd floor walk-up apartment over the Grasshopper Shoppe (the place where everyone shopped) on Bayview Street, the views of Penobscot Bay from Mount Battie, the tall windjammers in the harbor, and what was to become a formative year in the development of my professional cooking skills which I would later utilize for almost a decade in NYC.

Camden being the epitome of a quaint New England town, Hollywood identified it as the perfect set for the filming of the movie version of Grace Metalious' controversial novel, “Peyton Place.”  Hundreds of extras were hired from the area for $10 a day to be in a parade scene and locals I met were quick to tell me about their “cameos” in the film and of the humorous scene where Allison catches the Boston bound bus that is actually headed in the wrong direction north towards Lincolnville Beach.

While I haven’t been back to Camden in a long time, I was thrilled to discover and bring to the store this very special small maker whose candles evoke  many of the memories and scents of a long Summer in Maine. I love the connection with Camden almost as much as I love the clean and refreshing scents of these beautifully packaged, coastal inspired candles.

About the Maker 

After working in the sailing industry for over a decade, owner and creator Carol Doyle decided it was time for a change.  In search of a clean burning alternative to paraffin candles, she started to pursue making soy candles that reflected her life on the coast.   While looking out over the ocean one day, her candle company name was decided.   Never far from a "salty beach", the endeavor began and Salty Beach Studio was off and running.






See the complete line HERE



I hope that you enjoy these amazing candles that will bring a little piece of coastal Maine into your home and that you'll consider Camden in your travel plans as we all safely get back to normalcy.




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