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Groceries For Seniors

What started as a fundraising campaign selling exclusive Shop Local Tote Bags turned into an overwhelming movement by Mellow Monkey customers to help area seniors obtain groceries WITHOUT having to go out to the store during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Long after we sold out of these bags, our customers continued to contribute to this program by making donations through our website.

Mellow Monkey partnered with the Southwestern Connecticut Agency on Aging to help fund their efforts to keep the most vulnerable seniors out of public markets by providing them with a full bag of groceries.

What this fund did:  100% of the funds we raised were used to purchase a 5 day supply of groceries for a senior who is deemed at a higher risk of serious complications from the Covid-19 virus. These donations ensure the most vulnerable local seniors stay out of harm’s way


TOTAL RAISED as of May 29th, 2020 

$1,243 = 49+ bags of groceries

5 day supply of groceries - 1 bag for each senior


Mellow Monkey applauds our customers for  contributing to this important community program.

Thank you!

Howard Aspinwall


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