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Our Community Partnership with Stratford's STRIVE Program

community partnership

If you've ever shopped in our store, you know about our signature bags with real sand dollars on the front and turquoise tissue paper flowing out of the top. What you might not know is that these beautiful bags are now assembled by young adults from the Stratford Public School System's STRIVE Program.

Several months ago, Gail Voytek, a Teacher at Stratford's Transitional Resource Program (STRIVE) introduced the program to me, explaining that it seeks to connect students to their community through work experiences.  

"The primary goal of the STRIVE transition program is to assist in promoting the integration of Stratford's young adults into all aspects of the community; further developing life skills competencies; increasing their workplace skills, and nurturing inter generational activities and relationships.
"This collaboration allows community, business, industry organizations and agency partners to see our young adults as valuable resources and enables our students to experience a smoother transition into the world of work."

Through Community Partnerships between local business and the STRIVE program, young adults are provided with pre-employment opportunities to learn job skill sets within their community.  Mellow Monkey is very honored to be a new Community Partner with STRIVE and we are monumentally grateful for the wonderful job they do.



So the next time you're admiring one of our signature bags, remember that they come as the result of the conscientious, hard work of young adults in Stratford's STRIVE program.

-Howard Aspinwall | Owner

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