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4Ocean Movement


In Honor of November's 4Ocean Seabird Cause Bracelet, Mellow Monkey will donate $5 to the Audubon Center at Stratford Point in Stratford, Connecticut for every 4Ocean Bracelet Sold through Wednesday Nov 21st.

Stratford Point is an important stopover site for migratory shorebirds and for wintering waterfowl. Many thousands of shorebirds and ducks of a variety of species can be found here during the right time of year.  In addition, the early successional coastal habitat in the site’s upland area harbors grassland species, such as American Kestrel, Northern Harrier, Savanna Sparrow, Bobolink and occasionally Eastern Meadowlark, while the dense, brushy tangles along the site’s perimeter have yielded scrubland species such as Brown Thrasher.     


Several extreme rarities have shown up on the site in the past two and a half years that avian monitoring programs have been in place. Stratford Point’s bird list includes species such as Eurasian Wigeon, White-tailed Kite, Brown Pelican, Cave Swallow and Clay-colored Sparrow, while older records include Red-headed Woodpecker and Western Kingbird. The current list includes 196 species and is growing steadily still. Bird surveys are carried out daily by our Science and Conservation staff to monitor habitat and resource use by local waterfowl but we always keep an eye out for additional rarities.  

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