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Crystalline Healing Bracelet - Unisex - Mellow Monkey

Crystalline Healing Bracelet - Unisex

$ 16.99

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  • This brand-new addition to our jewelry offerings is made with 12 crystals specifically curated for healing and wellness.
  • Card back includes information about healing foundations, energy clearing, and suggested healing affirmations.
  • The bracelet is made of round, genuine crystal beads, combining matte and polished crystals – with 22 matte finished crystals, alongside a polished clear quartz bead and point.
  • Product Features:
    • 22 matte finished crystals
    • 1 polished clear quartz point
    • 1 polished clear quartz round bead
    •  silver foil on backer card
    •  information about healing foundations, energy clearing, and suggested healing affirmations
  • bracelet is 7.5” in circumference – fits most adult wrists

White marble – calms + grounds unsettled energy
Peach agate druzy – protects heart + stabilizes emotions
Botswana agate – soothes tension + helps release grief
Green fluorite – refreshes + purifies energy
Mahogany obsidian – rejuvenates + inspires new dreams and desires
Hematite – balances emotions + assists in memory recall
Snowflake obsidian – offers gentle guidance + provides clarity on life’s journey
Chevron amethyst – nurtures metamorphosis + tranquility
Smoky quartz – grounds anxious thinking + inspires spirituality
Labradorite – clears auras + encourages optimism
Amazonite – fosters harmony + compassion
Clear quartz – the master healer: clears + amplifies the crystals around it

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