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grammarRULES! Diner Style Coffee Mug - Just Between Him & Me - Mellow Monkey

grammarRULES! Diner Style Coffee Mug - Just Between Him & Me

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  • Heavy duty ceramic style diner coffee mugs serve up more than just a cup of hot java or tea.
  • Each mug cleverly explains some of the most misused rules of English language grammar.
  • Created by a former teacher and artist, these mugs were designed for the grammatically aware ... and those who need to be!
  • Fun and educational, they're sure to be a hit among all lovers of our language - including teachers, authors, literary scholars, and followers of Grammar Girl. Also makes a great graduation gift. Mug holds 12-oz. Collect all six (see the complete line by searching "grammarRULES!") and save on shipping - but Hurry, these mugs are HOT!
  • FRONT: just between him & me or you & her, or her & me, or us & them. BACK: daily grammaticism: Subjective pronouns do not care for prepositions, going back to some ugly grammar class war during Elizabethan times. So to feign urbanity by using "for you and I" will backfire. Subjective pronouns only hang with linking verbs, as in "It was I" or "These are they." Use a stalwart objective pronoun like "them" or "me" after a sweet preposition or kick-ass action verb.


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