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Smart ID Pet Collar Tag

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  • The IndieTag is a waterproof smart ID tag powered by Pawnec ⁠— a first-line identification that accelerates the recovery cycle — bypassing the extended recovery cycle of second-line identification biochips. It shortens the time and simplifies the effort of recovering a missing pet.

    This is a direct and modern response to the Missing Pet Epidemic. It is smarter than biochips and a practical alternative to AirTag, and GPS for dogs and cats.

    ** Pawnec is a smarter addition to your pet's biochip **

    a.) Instant Alert – Emails are good for newsletters, but not for emergencies. SMS instantly captures your attention.

    b.) Suspected Missing Pet Alert – It looks after your pet in vulnerable moments especially when they are unattended.

    c.) Personal Privacy – Remain communicable without revealing your sensitive contact information.

    d.) Location Intelligence - Visualize your pet's scanned location data on a map and get navigation assistance from a preferred app.

    -Dimensions: 4.7″ x 0.3″ x 3.5″

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