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Stainless Steel Champagne Flutes - Gold - 10-oz

$ 15.00

  • We're big fans of Love Island UK and when we saw these gold champagne flutes (just like the ones in the television series,) we just had to have them in the store.
  • All stainless steel construction with a shiny gold finish.
  • Why stainless steel?  It keeps drinks perfectly chilled without the need to dilute your beverage with ice.  And they look great, are easy to clean and are practically indestructible!
  • 10-oz capacity
  • 9-3/4-in H x 2-in diameter
  • Flute sold individually.
  • Best cleaned by hand but can also be cleaned in the dishwasher with detergents that are not abrasive, harsh, contain bleach or chlorine based products.  After all, you want them to always be shiny and fun.  Innit? 

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