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Free Masks for Teachers Program

This program has ended and here are the program accomplishments:


Through this program a total of 1,940 masks were donated to 194 local public and private school teachers!!⁣


How? If you purchased Face Masks online or in store during the 22 Day Program, Mellow Monkey has automatically donated KN95 Face Masks to local teachers for every $100 in Face Mask Sales.

In addition, several generous customers purchased KN95 Face Masks to have donated directly to teachers on the list: 

- Kari L.G. Of Milford, Connecticut
- Myra A. of Bristol, Connecticut ⁣
- Marisa B. of Fairfield, Connecticut ⁣
- Melissa W. of Lewisberry, Pennsylvania ⁣
- Rachel S. of Bristol, Rhode Island

- Judy B. of Milford, Connecticut

- Mary M. of Stratford, Connecticut

- Jen S. of Stratford, Connecticut (donated twice!)

- Lauren R. of Stratford, Connecticut

- Melissa W. of Pennsylvania

- Diana K. of Connecticut

- Cindy K. of Connecticut

James & Terry R. of Stratford, Connecticut

- Cecilia D. of Myrtle Beach, SC

- Mike A. of MyTGraphics of Stratford   

The response from teachers was overwhelming and we were not able to provide Free Masks to every teacher.  If you signed up and did not get picked for free masks, check your email for a special offer to obtain DISCOUNTED Face Masks and Face Shields at the store.


You can still purchase KN95 Masks directly from us by clicking HERE

To see our wide selection of fabric face masks and plastic face shields, click HERE



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