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Mellow Monkey Promotes Stratford Small Business:


For the second year in a row, Mellow Monkey is the official American Express "Neighborhood Champion" for Stratford Small Business.

Mellow Monkey organizes this town-wide Shop Small Event with a special Stratford specific branding, allowing all Stratford based independent small businesses to showcase their producs and services. Small business drives the national economy in a profound way. By supporting independent business in your community, your community benefits.

Mellow Monkey also provides promotional funding and the funding necessary for the management and hosting of the official event site,

Some of the Projects Mellow Monkey has supported through contributions:

Dear Mellow Monkey Gifts & Home Decor,

I want to thank you for your donation and helping to provide an iPad for speech and language therapy. Your generosity is appreciated more than you can know!The use of the iPad in speech and language therapy has benefited our students in several ways. Through the use of multiple applications, I am able to provide articulation therapy through colorful picture stimuli and videos. The students also love to record themselves during therapy so that I can show them the placement of their articulators for speech in a fun way! In regard to language, I am able to reach multiple goals including sequencing, examining different parts of speech (nouns, verbs, conjunctions) and to form complex sentences through games and activities.The most exciting part of having an iPad for the students is to see how they get so intrigued and genuinely want to participate. Rather than providing worksheets or activity cards as I would have had to in the past, they are excited to use modern technology in an educational way.The students on my caseload mainly with articulation goals have particularly warmed up to the iPad as they love playing games and using the picture cards/videos for drill. As a provider, this is always an area I struggle to make more engaging, and now it is more interactive!I thank you again for you generosity and for making this project a reality!With gratitude,Ms. Capristo




life skills with books

life with books

Dear Mellow Monkey Gifts & Home Decor,

Many of the books have been read (or we are still reading) creating discussions within my class. A few other teachers have also asked if they could borrow them to use with their classes as well after hearing how some of my students have responded. If I were to think about the single most important impact on my class is that we have common language from which discussions and resolutions to a conflict can begin. Using the books to create a feeling of safety for students to share thoughts and feelings as well as a higher awareness of self, gives them a jumping board for personal growth.This is a work in progress but the mindful activity cards and references to the books will help students to continue to attain long-term life skills. Thank you for your donation!With gratitude,Teacher D'Amico

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Fully Funded by Mellow Monkey



Throughout the year, Mellow Monkey receives a great number of requests for donations. Mellow Monkey is firmly committed to supporting the community in which it operates. As we are a small business enterprise, there are limitations on the amount and type of donations that we are able to give.

In order to clarify information and quicken response time, we respectfully ask that you submit this request form at least four weeks prior to your event.

Selections are made based on our available budget for community donations and a set of criteria that ensures a balance across organizations, causes and types of donations. Not all donation requests can be fulfilled.

Because of the number of requests we receive, we are unable to respond to every request and for those that we can respond to, we endeavor to respond usually within 21 business days. Please watch your spam/junk mail as occasionally replies end up in there, even though we reply directly to the email you indicate.

Requests not received via this online form will not be considered nor receive a response. We do not accept requests over the phone or in our retail store. Please note that we cannot give updates to donation requests via phone or in person at the retail store. If your organization's request is selected, we will contact you directly.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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