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Thursday Night Live Shopping Event


Thursday Night Live is a SHOPPING EVENT you participate right from your home - on your smart phone, tablet, computer or smart TV.

July 1st was the Season 1 Finale of Thursday Night Live. We will be back in the Fall with an exciting Season 2!




How To Shop During Thursday Night Live

  1. The host will show a product that is available for everyone to instantly purchase. 
  2. The product ID will be shown on the bottom portion of the screen.
  3. CLAIMING AN ITEM: In the comments section of the live broadcast, all you have to do is type the product number.  For example, "101".  
  4. CONFIRMATION MESSAGE: Within 60 seconds you should receive a private message in Facebook Messenger confirming the request for that item. If you are not receiving the private messages in Facebook Messenger, scroll down to the Troubleshooting section of this page for further instructions.
  5. ITEM OPTIONS: If the item has different options, such as size, color, etc., Messenger will prompt you select the option(s) you want:
  6. Message->
  7. You will then see a confirmation message that the item has been reserved for you in your shopping cart (as shown in the example below for 299 Cats)
  8. CONTINUE SHOPPING: If you wish to continue shopping, you can close or minimize Facebook Messenger and continue adding items by commenting as mentioned above.
  9. Messenger Confirmation: 
  10. There are two buttons that are included in the message each time you claim an item during the broadcast. 
    1. BUY NOW - takes you to your shopping cart and shows you the item(s) added during the broadcast. You can look at your shopping cart at any time during the broadcast, or when you are ready to checkout out.
    2. REMOVE FROM... will remove the item shown in the message from your cart.
  11. WAITLIST & SOLD OUT ITEMS: If all of the items you are requesting are claimed, you will receive a message that asks if you wish to be added to the waitlist for the item and notified if and when it becomes available.  You must tap the NOTIFY ME button to be added to the waitlist.
  12. Waitlist Message->  
  13. REQUESTING MORE THAN ONE OF SAME ITEM: If you want to claim more than one of a particular item, the fastest way to do this is to type in the comments the item ID and the quantity you wish to purchase.  For example, to claim 3 of item 101, you would type "101 3" making sure to leave a space between the item number and the quantity.  
  14. NOTE: if you request multiples of an item using the aforementioned method in #13 above and receive a "sold out" message, try to request just one of that item  (example: 101).  If the item is successfully added to your cart, you can try again (example: 101) to see if you can add a second of the same item to your cart.  Repeat as necessary until you obtain all available items.
  15. You can practice claiming items by writing a comment on this test post

  16. CHECKING OUT: Use the BUY NOW option in the last message you received in Facebook Messenger.  This will take you to your shopping cart for the event where you can make changes or complete your purchase. Remember that items added during the broadcast will only be held for 3 hours and released to anyone who might be on the waiting list for that item after 

  17. PAYMENT METHODS: we accept all major credit cards, Paypal, or Afterpay.
    1. To pay by credit card, you can use ShopPay, GooglePay or PayPal.
    2. You can use Afterpay as a payment method in ShopPay - or by logging into your Mellow Monkey account. Afterpay allows you to pay for your purchase with a credit card in 4 equal installments without interest or finance charge.  You will see a pulldown menu as indicated with the arrow pointing down below:


      This will open up the different payment method section where Afterpay is available: 


16. RECEIVING YOUR ORDER: When you checkout, you will be prompted to FIRST provide a shipping address.  You will then be presented with shipping options (USPS and UPS Standard and Express options) and also CURBSIDE PICKUP (which will allow you to pick up your order at the store (inside or curbside) at your convenience.

17. ORDER CONFIRMATION: When you place your order,  you will receive an order confirmation and order number.  You will also receive two emails.  The first email will be sent shortly after you complete your order.  The second email will be sent when the order is fulfilled.  If you chose to have your order shipped, a tracking number will be included in your second email.  If you chose to pickup the order in store / curbside, instructions on how to pickup your order will be included in your second email (please wait for this email before coming to the store.)

18. TROUBLESHOOTING: If you are not receiving private messages from Mellow Monkey, this is almost always due to an issue with your privacy settings. 

To resolve, follow this LINK and check your privacy settings as shown in the diagram below:

If this setting is turned to "off", you need to switch this to "on" and the privacy issue should go away


Terms and Conditions of Thursday Night Live Shopping Events

Discounts and Rewards Card Redemptions are not valid during Thursday Night Live Shopping Events.  All sales are final.  Refunds will not be provided if you fail to claim your "curbside" or "in store" pickup.  We are not responsible for any technical issues that may cause an item you purchase to not be available - but we will do our best to make sure that does not happen. Thank you for your patience. 


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Watch S1E8 broadcast live from the store on April 8th

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Watch S1E7 broadcast live from the store on April 1st

We were thrilled to welcome New Haven based, East Street Arts to join us for Thursday Night Live.
If you missed our Thursday Night Live broadcast featuring East Street Arts of New Haven, you can still shop directly with their online or brick and mortar store here:




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Watch S1E4 broadcast live from the store on March 11th:

Watch S1E3 here. Note: you can still interact by commenting as if the event were live and purchase items (subject to availability).

Season 1 Episode 3

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Watch S1E2 here. Note: you can still interact by commenting as if the event were live and purchase items (subject to availability).

Season 1 Episode 2

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