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Thursday Night Live Shopping Event

 Event will be broadcast live from the store on Thursday, Mar 4th at 7pm Eastern

Watch S1E2 from last Thursday Night. Note: you can still interact by commenting as if the event were live and purchase items (subject to availability).

Available Featured Products

Shopping at Thursday Night Live Is Easy! 

Claiming An Item During The Event

The host will show a product that is available for everyone to instantly purchase. 

Note the product ID being shown for the product.

Each product for sale has a tag like 101. Once the tag is revealed during the live sale, all you have to do is type the word "buy" or "sold" and the tag as the comment. So for example "buy 101" or "sold 101".

This will trigger a private message from the FB page (NOTE: it may take up to 1-2 minutes to receive your message.) If the product has different options like sizes, the message will ask you what size you want:

Once you click one of these buttons, the FB page will then send you an invoice to purchase:

You can also comment with the variant in the comment itself. So for example "sold 101 medium" will work and will skip the question about size. In this case, you would just get the invoice directly. This is useful if you're on a phone and don't want to leave the live sale.

You can comment on multiple products during the live sale. And each invoice gets added to your cart. Your final invoice link will contain all the items you successfully commented for.

IMPORTANT: Try to avoid checking out on items individually as they are messaged to you. In this example, the message shown below is a confirmation that we are holding this item for you for 2 hours. At the end of the show or when you're ready to check out all the items you've asked for, you can click the "Buy Now" link on the last item you received as a message and it will take you to your shopping cart with ALL the items you've requested. 


You can practice claiming items by writing a comment on this test post

Removing items from your cart

As you claim items during the show, each message will include a "Remove from Cart" button in the event you change your mind or made a mistake requesting an item:


Advanced Buying Tips

Often times during a live sale, you'll want to purchase multiple items and check out all at once so that you don't miss the rest of the live sale. 

To add products without leaving the live sale, you'll want to comment with the options included so that you can skip the question. For example, "sold 101 medium" will put the medium size of 101 directly in your cart.

You can also add multiples of a product:

  • type "BUY" or "SOLD" and the product ID several times - for example, if you want 3 of product id 101:

    • BUY 101

    • BUY 101

    • BUY 101

  • type "BUY" or "SOLD" and the product ID and then "x" the number of the same item you want"

    • BUY 101 x5

  • While the second example may be more convenient than the first, please note that if you try to buy a quantity higher than the available amount, you will be asked if you want to be on the waitlist because we cannot fulfill that quantity request. For example:

    • if there are 3 of product ID available, all three would be made available to you if you individually requested to buy each one as in the first example, but "BUY 101 x5" would be waitlisted because the available quantity is 3.  

Checking Out

Each comment will hold the product in your cart for 2 hours. And then you can check out all items in one cart when the live sale is over (or when you're ready to leave.)

If you don't checkout within 2 hours, we can no longer hold the item(s) you've requested and they will be made available to others on the waitlist.  However, if there are sufficient quantities or waitlisted buyers do not complete their purchase, you may still be able to make your purchase.

Remember, we accept Afterpay North America as well as all major credit and debit cards and Paypal.

Terms and Conditions of Thursday Night Live Shopping Events

Discounts and Rewards Card Redemptions are not valid during Thursday Night Live Shopping Events.  All sales are final.  Refunds will not be provided if you fail to claim your "curbside" or "in store" pickup.  We are not responsible for any technical issues that may cause an item you purchase to not be available - but we will do our best to make sure that does not happen (this is new technology and we do expect a few minor kinks as we roll it out.)  Thank you for your patience.

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