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American Lighthouses: A Comprehensive Guide - Paperback - Mellow Monkey

American Lighthouses: A Comprehensive Guide - Paperback

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  • For more than two centuries, lighthouses have helped sailors find their way through treacherous waters, guiding them home or taking them safely through passages on their way to adventure.
  • These historic towers and houses form a sparkling chain of lights along our coasts, a reminder of the past echoing with adventure and mystery, a lure for travelers looking for a glimpse into a romantic past.
  • American Lighthouses offers more than just a tour of over 450 beautiful and historic navigational beacons dotting the coasts and lakes of the United States.
  • This fully illustrated, one-of-a-kind handbook details their history and architecture and provides full information on visiting or viewing them.
  • Made in United States of America

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