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Amp Mug - Mellow Monkey

Amp Mug

$ 9.99

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  • Get ready to plugin, adjust the volume, and hit the switch- the latest addition to our new range is about to be unleashed in the shape of the deceptively small yet powerful Amp Mug!
  • Match your musical mood to your preference of hot beverage hue.
  • Drink a mid-range traditional cup of tea, step it up a notch or two to a strong high-frequency black coffee or sip a spiced green chai with some soft and subtle distortions.
  • The amp shaped mug is a suitable warming companion for all musical preferences- from blues-rock to heavy metal, to hardcore punk.
  • So whether you’re Chuck Berry, a budding musician or more of the air guitar type- now’s the chance for you to release your inner creativity with the Amp Mug!
  • Dimensions: 12x8.5x8.5cm.
  • Not a functional amplifier 

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