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Autism Puzzle Piece Charm Bracelet

Autism Puzzle Piece Charm Bracelet

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  • Handmade charm bracelet with a puzzle piece charm
  • The puzzle piece symbol was first used in 1963, and was popularized by Autism Speaks who used it to symbolize the idea that autistic people are difficult to comprehend (like a puzzle) and that the "cure" for autism is the missing piece.
  • The puzzle piece fulfills a positive educational angle challenging those not on the Autistic Spectrum to solve the puzzle that they see by understanding and acceptance.

Yes We Can provides adults with special needs the tools, training, and work experience to run a successful business. Students will be designing their own greeting cards, calendars, apparel, and much more! Each gift is designed and packaged by the students at The Pilot House Special Needs Center.  The young adults will learn marketing, sales, production, and product design. This new program will allow the students an outlet where they will be able to express themselves creatively, artistically, and professionally while giving them valuable skills towards a successful career.


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