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BLAME IT ON MY ADD - Black Coffee / Tea Mug

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  • You have ADD or ADHD, perhaps you have trouble concentrating on conversations, you have difficulty keeping attention during work, have trouble finishing projects you already started, have difficulty organizing yourself for the completion of tasks, delay or procrastinate on projects that require a lot of thought, often misplace things, have problems remembering appointments, inconveniently change plans on a regular basis..... Why is it that others don't understand this isn't abnormal to you?
  • Why stress out when you can enjoy a cup of your favorite hot beverage while also sporting your message clearly, succinctly and to the point?
  • Black ceramic mug with bold, white text says "BLAME IT ON MY ADD"
  • Ceramic mug holds 11-oz and measures 3.25-in x 3.88-in-ADD is a very common disorder that affects many lives - many unknowingly. People with ADD are beautiful, spontaneous and make life exciting.
  • This coffee mug can be your little way of saying... it's not me, it's my ADD!


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