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Breaking Wave Framed Handmade Glass Shadowbox - 10-1/4-in

Breaking Wave Framed Handmade Glass Shadowbox - 10-1/4-in

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Product Features
  • Absolutely gorgeous and unique handmade fused glass in the form and shape of a breaking wave.
  • Each wave is unique and lovingly hand crafted in Newquay Cornwall.
  • The sea and its different moods have always been in this artist's life. Especially its sound, which can be carried many miles inland on the wind, it is a constant background noise to life in Cornwall.
  • The sea is all encompassing its colour, sounds and smell, its reflections, translucent quality and constant movement can hold your attention like nothing else.
  • Glass has a similar quality to water and is the perfect medium to express it.
  • It is enigmatic as you can look at it, or through it. It is there and not there.
  • Each one uniquely presents the moods the sea has by starting with a clear glass as the sea itself it is clear. Then with color added, it mimics the reflection of the sky, the sand and the rocks though the water.
  • No two waves are ever the same
  • Framed size 10-1/4-in x 10-1/4-in x 1-3/4-in deep.
  • Artwork is approximately 6-in x 6-in
  • Note: some pieces have what looks like crystal water drops on the edges - which are meant to portray the splashy bits of water that come from a wave.  These glass fragments are delicate and can come dislodged if touched.  If they do come dislodged, it in no way takes away from the beauty of the glass.
  • Made in United Kingdom