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Bumble Bee Garden or Potted Plant Pick - 20-in

$ 8.99

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  • The Bee Pick is a detailed and realistic silhouette of the typical honeybee you’ll often see buzzing around your backyard!
  • Including accurately shaped legs and metal cutouts to represent the bee’s signature striped pattern, consider adding this critically important species to your nature-inspired backyard decor.
  • The Bee Pick is made of recycled steel and pre-treated to create our signature rusted texture and natural look.
  • Display this iconic pollinator in the flower pot of your favorite plant!
  • As pollinators contributing to the growth and survival of virtually every plant, bees are an essential part of the ecosystem.
  • Unfortunately, the western honey bee population is threatened by various pests and diseases.
  • Display our Bee Pick in your garden as a reminder to treat these important creatures kindly!
  • Dimensions: Stake Length – approximately 20”, Honeybee Size – 5” width x 3” length.
  • Made in United States

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