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Clark and Hopkins Artisan Pepper Sauces - World Gift Box - 5 Sauces

Clark and Hopkins Artisan Pepper Sauces - World Gift Box - 5 Sauces

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  • For the hot sauce aficionado, the perfect world flavors hot sauce gift box set.
  • Set includes five different world sauces 
  • Each bottle of sauce 5-fl oz
  1. Chesapeake Bay:

    We like to call the flavor "Elevated Essence of the Chesapeake".  A zesty pepper sauce using a myriad of spices, apple cider vinegar, bay leaves, jalapeños, mustard and ginger.  We think it's great with everything!

    Goes with...crabs, oysters, shrimp, clams and fish.  Excellent with eggs, steak, lamb, chicken, vegetables and french fries.

    Heat 2/10

  2. Virginia

    Inspired by an 1850's Virginia BBQ recipe with peaches, peanuts, jalapeños, habaneros and rye whiskey.  Excellent steak sauce!

    Heat 6/10

  3. Assam

    From Season 7 of Hot Ones and 2019 "Best New Hot Sauce"

    Assam is a state in north eastern India and home to the ghost pepper.  As a homage to the region, we created a fragrant sauce with a depth of flavor which perfectly balances the warmth of the ghost pepper and the added heat of the 7 pot primo.

    Pair this sauce with reduced coconut milk for an amazingly quick yet complex curry.

    Heat 7/10

  4. Ethiopia

    East African cuisine is widely available in the DC metro region and we have fallen in love with it!  The deep fragrant heat comes from habaneros, jalapeños and their aromatic curry called Berbere.  Our Berbere is flown in from Ethiopia.

    Goes with...lentils, roast chicken, grilled meats, stews, burgers, rice, quinoa and vegetables such as collards or kale.  Super earthy!

    Heat 6/10

  5. Kerala

    Created for a friend from southern India, this "taste of home" inspired us to open doors and invite others to enjoy authentic flavors from around the world.  Kerala is a deeply fragrant pepper sauce blending spices with habanero, ginger and kaffir lime leaf.

    Goes with...ANY protein or vegetable as a marinade, to enhance rice, with coconut milk for a quick curry, eggs, wings, tacos.

    Heat 6/10

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