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Crazy Train - Vintage Painted Window Wall Decor 31-7/8-in

Crazy Train - Vintage Painted Window Wall Decor 31-7/8-in

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  • Introducing Milford, Connecticut Window Artist, Rosemarie Donfrancesco-Gay
  • This unique reclaimed, single paned window is a depiction of a diesel locomotive on the metro north Fairfield/New Haven Line. 
  • Window frame has been refinished to incorporate and enhance the original detail of the window. Original hardware on top of frame adds to the history of the piece.
  • Overall measurements 31-7/8-in W x 19-7/8-in H x 1-3/4-in D.

Connecticut Artist, Rosemarie Donfrancesco-Gay has a passion for windows and it shows. She feels the history within the vintage wood framed windows she salvages and paints as an expression from the soul.

Rose started her interest in painted windows when she watched as dozens of old windows were being tossed out from local renovation projects. Acting on a nagging feeling that there was life left to these windows, Rose proceeded to save as many of the windows as she had space, most of which were beautifully crafted,  vintage double hung with counterweights.

Rose now finds joy in painting windows and has a wide range of styles - from contemporary, eclectic and expressionistic. Her sense of humor can often be found in her work but it's not always apparent at first glance.

Mellow Monkey is happy to introduce Rosemarie Donfrancesco-Gay (on display in The Showroom at Mellow Monkey).

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