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Earth Sign Zodiac Crystal Collection and Guide Book - Boxed Set

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  • Embrace and support your unique life path with Zodiac Crystal Collection: Earth.
  • The earth element of the zodiac offers stable energy, with insightful, ambitious paths to follow. In Western astrology, the star signs of the earth element include Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.
  • People born under the earth signs of the zodiac are independent, yet loyal, and act with dedication. The curated crystals in this collection will help you tap into your grounded nature, strength, and compassion to align with your natural gifts.
  • A brief guidebook inside this collection illuminates details about the earth element, including zodiac constellations, sacred geometry, and alchemical correspondences to astrology. Connect with Mother Earth and enjoy life!
  • Package Features:
    • cotton muslin bag
    • 2″ clear quartz (raw, natural point) - brings connection to cosmos + sense of clarity
    • mahogany obsidian (matte) - inspires creativity + rejuvenates root chakra
    • green aventurine (polished) - helps to embrace all situations + remain heart-centered
    • rose quartz (matte) - stimulates divine compassion + dissolves energetic blockages
    • red jasper (polished) - strengthens connection to Earth + supports life force energy
    • Guidebook introducing topics of astrology and alchemy with user-friendly graphics.

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