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Fire Sign Zodiac Crystal Collection and Guide Book - Boxed Set

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  • Embrace and support your unique life path with Zodiac Crystal Collection: Fire.
  • The fire element of the zodiac offers vibrant energy, with expressive, inspiring paths to follow. In Western astrology, the star signs of the fire element include Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.
  • People born under the fire signs of the zodiac are creative, philosophical, and charismatic. The curated crystals in the collection will help you tap into your intuition, power, and higher self to align with you natural gifts.
  • A brief guidebook inside this collection illuminates details about the fire element, including zodiac constellations, sacred geometry, and alchemical correspondences to astrology. Shine bright and live your best life!
  • Package Features:
    • cotton muslin bag
    • 2″ clear quartz (raw, natural point) - brings connection to cosmos + sense of clarity
    • carnelian (polished) - draws out courage + increases physical vitality
    • tiger eye (matte) - provides emotional stability + harmonizes negotiations
    • nephrite jade (matte) - taps into the flow of abundance + nurtures physical well-being
    • bloodstone (polished) - helps to recognize truth with ease + supports spiritual awakening
    • Guidebook introducing topics of astrology and alchemy with user-friendly graphics.

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