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Party Time Motherfuckers Balloon on a Stick

$ 2.99

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  • 12 inch latex balloon printed
  • Balloon ships with a 16-in plastic plastic wand (only sold deflated - air filled is currently not an available option)
  • Wand holds the balloon upright - as if it were filled with helium (which it is not - see below to understand why)
  • Makes a great conversation piece for your next party or celebration.
  • Available in assorted colors (colors include blue, white, black, yellow, orange, pink, red, teal, green - not all colors may be available at time of purchase.)

Why Mellow Monkey does not sell Helium filled balloons

There is currently an extreme shortage of Helium available in the marketplace.  Unlike hydrogen, helium can’t be manufactured and the global supply is only found deep underground in a limited supply. While, there’s plenty of helium on the earth, the question is finding it and getting it out.  And, as helium leaves the earth, it’s gone and we will never get it back.

The greatest impact of helium shortages would be on healthcare and small-scale scientific research. For example, a shortage could restrict the ability to obtain an MRI as it is essential to MRI production. Helium is currently the only element on earth that can effectively keep the magnet in an MRI cold enough to allow for the high field strength that make modern MRI systems possible.

We don't want to contribute to this shortage - and we've found a way you can still enjoy balloons without it!  AND-- our latex balloons are 100% biodegradable on land and at sea (but please - dispose of it properly when you're done enjoying it!)

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