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grammarRULES! Diner Style Coffee Mug - Adverb - Mellow Monkey

grammarRULES! Diner Style Coffee Mug - Adverb

$ 12.00 $ 17.99
  • Heavy duty ceramic style diner coffee mugs serve up more than just a cup of hot java or tea.
  • Each mug cleverly explains some of the most misused rules of English language grammar.
  • Created by a former teacher and artist, these mugs were designed for the grammatically aware ... and those who need to be!
  • Fun and educational, they're sure to be a hit among all lovers of our language - including teachers, authors, literary scholars, and followers of Grammar Girl. Also makes a great graduation gift. Mug holds 12-oz. Collect all six (see the complete line by searching "grammarRULES!") and save on shipping - but Hurry, these mugs are HOT!
  • FRONT: adverb a modifier of verbs, adjectives and other adverbs that tells how, when, where, & to what extent. BACK: for example: Yesterday, I very slowly drank down my extremely hot venti caramel mocha nonfat latte with a shot of amaretto and real whipped cream.


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