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Guidebook to Haunted & Strange Places in Rhode Island and Surrounds - Paperback

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  • Put on comfortable shoes or boots to journey through 14 self-guided walking and biking tours of the strange and haunted locations across some lesser-known regions of Rhode Island.
  • Tales of mythical monsters, ghosts, and spirits from a murder or two may greet you as you explore Providence, Newport, Jamestown, and surrounding areas.
  • Meet fabled half-deer, half-goat "doat," a demonic dog that has been scaring visitors for centuries, and ghosts that may be slightly more welcoming.
  • Find out whether the Newport Tower is the true location of the lost Viking city of Norumbega, and visit the strange locations made famous by Rhode Island's favorite son of horror fiction: H. P. Lovecraft.
  • Nine maps will guide you along your route and historical backgrounds provide the backdrop for the supernatural. T
  • o date, no one taking these tours has died at the hands of a mysterious lurking creature, so you should be fine...

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