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Hunky Dory Breakfast No.721 Organic Tea - 15 Bags

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  • A hearty organic breakfast black tea blend with almond, whole grains and a touch of honey. 
  • A good day starts with a nourishing breakfast.
  • With this in mind we have created this medley of hearty black teas, with overtones of malt and fresh pastry and just a note of honey.
  • For a rich and satisfying cup any time of the day.
Ingredients Botanical Name Part of the Plant Country of Origin
Black Tea Camlia Sinensis leaf Indien
Black Tea Camlia Sinensis leaf China
Barley Malt Germany
Pu Erh Camlia Sinensis leaf China  
Carob bits Ceratonia siliqua Spain
Almond Prunus Dulcis seed Italy
natural aroma with maple syrup flavor Natürliches Aroma mit Ahornsirupgeschmack na

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