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Mango Wood Vintage Cracker Tray with Pivoting Slider

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  • Here's a unique way to serve crackers with your cheese or dip arrangement
  • You know how it goes - after a few crackers have been removed from a tray, your beautiful arrangement becomes a disheveled mess.
  • This wood tray has a center piece to help keep them organized. When enough crackers have been removed that they can no longer stand, place them all on one side. As that side decreases, angle the center piece inward helping to hold the crackers upright.
  • Narrow cracker holder is crafted from mango wood
  • Pivot center piece helps to keep crackers standing up 
  • Inside dimensions are 11. 75"L x 1. 75"W x 1"H
  • Center piece pivots from side to side and is 1. 75"L x . 4"W x 3. 4"H
  • Overall dimensions are 12. 5"L x 2. 5"W x 4"H

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