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Metal Sienna Cone Rain Chain - 46-1/2-in. - Mellow Monkey

Metal Sienna Cone Rain Chain - 46-1/2-in.

$ 36.00

  • Geometrically-pleasing rain chain with removable links.
  • Antique gray color on this rain chain makes it a great addition for a rustic patio or porch.
  • Rain-chains are perfect decor for any garden, but can also serve as functional tools to direct water away from gutters.
  • Rain-chains are a beautiful piece for Spring weather.
  • During showers and storms, water will cascade down rain chains, creating an almost waterfall-like sound effect.
  • Measures 46-1/2-in. long with each cone approximately 2-1/2-in. x 2-1/2-in.

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