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Notes To My Baby - I Love You Already - Hardcover Book

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What would a mother-in-waiting say to her baby?  In words at times mirroring the whimsy flutter of the gentlest butterfly, while at other times mirroring the intent of a mission unparalleled in importance, Vesna's pen speak for mothers everywhere when she writes, "I have been thinking about the best things and the most important things in life that I want to share with you, that I want to say to you, that I hop for you, things I want you to know, and, so many important things which I expect of myself."

This is a gift that celebrates the beginning of that most extraordinary journey a mother and her baby have embarked on.
  • This beautiful book by award-winning author Vesna M. Bailey is one of the most inspiring gift books published in this decade.
  • It has pages and pages of timeless notes that are highlighted with elegant black and white photography.
  • Overflowing with gentle words of wisdom, advice, and encouragement, it's a perfect gift for any new family.

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