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Notes To My Son - Before You Go - Hardcover Book - Mellow Monkey

Notes To My Son - Before You Go - Hardcover Book

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Vensa Bailey has captured those last-minute words that are meant to last a lifetime. These notes to her son were written to guide and inspire him in all things important, including thoughts on how to be a gentleman, on self-discipline and work habits, on values and learning, on cherishing the love of friends and family, and on reflecting in himself the best of humanity. She shares her words with all moms to pass along to their sons before they leave home.

When Vesna presented these words to her son she felt a sense of peach and calm. "I knew I had left him the essence of a mother's soul - my joys, my passions, my convictions - all carrying hopes and dreams for his own journey ahead."

  • This beautiful book by award-winning author Vesna M. Bailey is one of the most inspiring gift books published in this decade.
  • It has pages and pages of timeless notes that are highlighted with elegant black and white photography.
  • Overflowing with gentle words of wisdom, advice, and encouragement, it's a perfect gift for any new family.

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