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Qatica - Sea Turtle Ring

$ 10.00

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  • Qatica rings are hand crafted from salvaged fishing nets and lines removed from the Ocean.
  • Each ring represents a promise to the planet to keep our oceans clean. 
  • A portion of each sale goes to support ocean cleanup projects & awareness campaigns.

Sea turtles are one of the most affected animals from entanglement in lost and discarded fishing nets. Turtles are curious by nature an opportunistic animals. They will investigate pretty much anything floating in the ocean looking for an easy meal. The more they struggle, the worse it gets. And they can quickly find themselves unable to swim and unable to reach the surface to breathe. 


Sea Turtle Ring Details:

  • Color: 💚 Emerald Green
  • Material: ♻️ Gill Net
  • Location Found: 🏝 Hawaii
  • Spring: 💍 Plated Brass
  • Waterproof: 🌊 Yes

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