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Sacred Blossom Farm - Living Herbal Tea

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  • What's in your cup?
  • Sacred Blossom Farms crafts herbal teas for focus, energy and rest.
  • Vibrant flowers and fresh herbs of unparalleled quality are carefully blended to create a one-of-a-kind tea that looks, tastes and smells wonderful – then it makes you feel great. 
  • Sacred Blossom grows in mixed plantings, the way you would find in nature, then hand harvests and dry the best plants in small batches to preserve the medicinal benefits and exquisite flavor.
  • Sacred Blossom does not use synthetic inputs in their field or put flavor additives in the tea; they don't need to because they cooperate with nature.  It’s the finest herbal tea they can produce, and the best you can brew.
  • Three blends available (each sold separately in 1.4-ounce jar (makes 20 servings)



The primary ingredient in Tiger is Tulsi (Holy Basil), India’s most sacred herb. In Hindu mythology the tiger is India's Mother Nature, the god of energy.  Both Tulsi and ginseng are adaptogens, herbs known to help the body adapt to stress and normalize bodily functions. Tulsi and ginseng  (31% and 7% respectively, by weight) are the power in Tiger. Lemongrass, elderberries, ginkgo, elderflower, thyme and safflower enhance this one-of-a-kind caffeine-free beverage. Together these complex herbs work to promote focused attention and sustained tiger-like energy*.

Tulsi*, Lemongrass*, Elderberry*, Ginseng*, Ginko Billoba*. Elderflower', Safflower, Thyme'


Angel is a lovely tangle of leaves, petals and fruit. This blend makes for a wonderful daily ritual to promote a calm and nourished body and spirit.  Mineral-rich nettles and milky oats intermix with soothing mints and lemon balm, brightened by sweet apples, fennel, elderberries and rose petals. Beets add even more nutrients and turn this unique infusion a glorious ruby color. Serve hot, or, staggeringly delicious when served iced with lime and sugar. Make a big pitcher and keep it in the fridge instead of soda or juice; kids love it too.

Nettle*, Milky Oats*, Fennel, Apple*, Calendula Flowers', Lemon Balm*, Elderberries*, Rose Petals, Spearmint*, Beets*, Peppermint*, Stevia


You won’t find another bedtime tea quite like Dream. California Poppy, an amazing and underutilized herb, serves as the base for our famed dream-enhancing tea*. Lavender, hyssop, sage, and milky oats work in harmony to relax your system* while anise hyssop and apple balance the dreamy flavor. The bright soothing flavor in this unique blend can be enjoyed any time and is a great happy hour alternative to wind down from daily stresses.

California Poppy*, Milky Oats*, Apple*, Anise Hyssop*, Hyssop*, Sage*, Corn Flower', Lavender, Red Clover*

Grown Naturally

Sacred Blossom grows their herbs in poly-cultures in biologically active soils.  Minimal fertilizer and irrigation makes heartier, more potent herbs.

Handled with care

Sacred Blossom dries their herbs at low temperatures and processes by hand and with custom built machines to produce dry herbs of uncommon quality.


Fresh from the farm

No flavor additives in this tea!  Only premium quality dry herbs.  Other herbal teas don't compare



See and Taste the Difference

What's in your teabag?  Have you thought about it?  Most people don't ever open up their tea bags to see what's inside. Take a look at Sacred Blossom's nighttime blend, Dream, next to what you probably consider to be one of the nicer teas at the local grocery.  No photo tricks, these pictures were taken from the same distance.


A Jar of Dream nighttime blend

Herbs are magical. Sacred Blossom takes extra care to make sure the California poppy, fragrant hyssop, milky oats and other herbs are kept intact to maintain their natural qualities.

These were almost all grown and harvested last summer, right on the farm in Wisconsin.

A box of a leading brand nighttime tea

No, this isn't sawdust. It's what's inside an entire box of a leading brand of herbal teabags. These herbs are pounded into oblivion, shipped from across the world, irradiated and warehoused for months, sometimes years. It might taste okay, but only because of the added flavors.



* denotes grown at Sacred Blossom or local partner farm

' denotes partially grown at Sacred Blossom or local partner farm.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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