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Sparrow On Leaf Fountain - 7 Inches

$ 79.99

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  • Bring your birdbath indoors with this Bird Fountain!
  • Resembling a birdbath, the water streams up and over a handful of pebbles and down into a pool ready for the bird perched along the top edge to splash away!
  • Perfect for the bird enthusiast to enjoy year round!
  • Water bubbles up over the lily pad and makes its way down to wash over small pebbles, creating a peaceful and calming atmosphere.
  • This bubbling fountain operates using an electrical plug-in.
  • Truly inspired by the garden, this fountain is the perfect traditional accent.
  • Sculpted details on the frogs and leaf are brought to life with a realistic green glaze paired with naturally distressed stoneware.
  • Fluid Ounce Capacity: 32. Use only distilled water with this fountain.
  • 2  Water pump, pebbles, and gift box are included

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