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The 4Ocean Bracelet | Whales Limited Edition

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Every year, millions of pounds of plastic and trash enter the ocean creating a dangerous and even deadly environment for some of the world’s largest and most endangered creatures; the whales. 4Ocean is on a mission to help stop this from happening. That is why we are on the water 7 days a week removing plastic, trash and debris from the ocean and coastlines.

Ocean plastic is a huge danger to whales because they can easily become entangled in it causing bodily harm or they may even eat it, mistaking it for food. In both cases, it can become fatal.

So, for the month of May, 4Ocean has partnered with Whale and Dolphin Conservation to raise global awareness of this growing problem and to help combat the issue first hand through our cleanups.

Every Whale bracelet sold removes one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines with the hope being that together we can remove these dangerous items before they ever make it into whale habitat. This in turn helps to further the WDC’s mission of campaigning, conservation and education efforts around the world to keep whales safe and free.

Purchase and proudly wear your Limited Edition Whale Bracelet and spread the word so that we can all take responsibility toward a more sustainable future for the planet and for whales! You can help make even more of a difference by thinking about your lifestyle and taking the opportunity to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever you can.  This bracelet represents your support.


By purchasing this bracelet, you will remove one pound of trash from the ocean PLUS support efforts to save whales through Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

The 4Ocean bracelet is made from 100% Recycled Materials. The beads are made from recycled glass bottles & the cord is made from recycled plastic water bottles. 

Every bracelet purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the Ocean. 

  • Unisex design
  • Adjustable from 2-5” in diameter
  • Stainless steel 4Ocean Charm
  • 1 pound of trash will be removed from the ocean


The 4Ocean Story:

The story began when two surfers and ocean enthusiasts, Alex and Andrew took a trip to Bali. After a day of surfing, they sat on the beach and took notice of many local fisherman going back out at night to fish in order to make money and feed their families. These locals would push their boats through alarming amounts of trash and return every morning with barely any fish. The problem of ocean trash and overfishing of the reef was something that resonated deeply with Alex and Andrew because of their love for the ocean. They became driven to think of a way to help solve the problem. Soon after, the idea of employing sea captains to ‘fish’ trash out of the ocean came to be. The two friends started 4Ocean by offering a 100% recycled bracelet for purchase that purposefully and proudly funds the removal of trash from our oceans and coastlines - one pound at a time.

4Ocean is now a global movement that allows anyone from anywhere to join the team and help in ocean trash removal efforts worldwide. With overwhelming response from  supporters, they were able to successfully remove more than 250,000 pounds of trash from the ocean in their first year alone. This was only made possible by the continual purchase of our Original - Signature Blue 4Ocean Bracelet and four additional Limited Edition Bracelets released in 2017. They now have seven full-time sea captains working seven days a week - all year long. In 2017 they led beach and underwater cleanups in 16 different countries all over the world and continued their mission to clean the world’s oceans and build a more sustainable future.

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