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The Lovebox - Love Messages in a Box from France

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Lovebox at Mellow Monkey


  • What is the Lovebox?
    • It's a connected box dedicated to love notes -  an object given or gifted  to someone you love to send them love notes, thoughts, secrets... in a box reserved for receiving messages of love and affection and sending back acknowledgement hearts to the sender.
    • Each message received via Lovebox is a special gift for the recipient -uniquely personal and imbued with special meaning by the sender(s). 
  • How does it work?
Messages are sent to the Lovebox via mobile application by up to 20 people, whether one romantic someone, or a connected group of friends or family. 
      1. A message is sent from the mobile application.
      2. The heart on the face of the Lovebox spins when a message arrives.
      3. The recipient opens the lid to read the message inside.
      4. The recipient can then spin the heart by hand which results in sending a  "shower of hearts" back to the sender. 


    •   Gifting Ideas:
      • The Lovebox offers a way to provide an electronic message to someone you love that goes well beyond the impersonal and common SMS text message.
      • Great as a way for significant others to exchange messages who might live far away from each other, travel often, or like to send messages when they are not at home at the same time.
      • A novel way for parents to send messages to their children - especially when they are unable to arrive at home before bedtime, or when they are on business trips.
      • Children will love sending messages of love to their mom or dad.
      • Grandchildren will love to send their grandparents messages to their Lovebox to remind them that they are thinking of them and that they are loved.
      • There are thousands of uses for the Lovebox - each of which connects people with messages of love.


    • Technical details
    Technically, it's very simple, however...
        1. the recipient of the Lovebox MUST have WiFi
        2. sender(s) must have an iphone or android smartphone to send messages
          • The Lovebox is connected to WiFi and must always be connected to a power outlet. 
          • The mobile app is free and available on iOS and Android.
          • Messages up to 168 characters and images can be sent (available on the app).
          • The app will soon allow senders to draw directly in the app and send other related images of love.
          • The set up configuration is done via smartphone (in less than 5-min).  Simply enter the WiFi connection info as well as the e-mail addresses of the people authorized to send messages to the Lovebox.  
          • Finally, the Lovebox is hand made out of beech wood, in France, with love.
          • Box measures 3-1/2-in W x 3-1/4-in H x 4-in D (including heart)




          Two years ago, Jean Gregoire moved abroad while his fiancé was staying in France. So to secretly send her love words he created the Lovebox. When Marie Poulle has discovered this lovely object, she directly saw the potential of it for all kinds of relationships. From this beautiful story , the Lovebox was born.

          "What if connected objects would also allow us to create happiness and get people closer together ? This is the mission we want to achieve with Lovebox. We are convinced that the world of tomorrow will of course be more digital, but it will also need more love. And we find it’s an idea worth fighting for."

          - Marie & Jean 



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