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Water Sign Zodiac Crystal Bracelet - Unisex

$ 16.99

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  • Proudly celebrate your Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer star sign with this crystal bracelet
  • Natural crystal bead bracelet, size: 7.5″ circumference (fits most adult wrist sizes)
  • Includes: 8mm matte lepidolite, blue aventurine, blue calcite, rainbow fluorite beads and a 0.5” polished clear quartz point
  • Back Reads:
    • The Zodiac Bracelet Collection features curated crystals associated with zodiac birth signs and elements of nature. This Water bracelet is designed to help you achieve your highest potential by flowing with purified energy. Tap into the mystery of the night sky to align with the stars!
    • Pisces - blue aventurine: brings forth innate psychic abilities + soothes auric field
    • Scorpio - blue calcite: opens pathways of inspiration + offers positive outlook on life
    • Cancer - rainbow fluorite: reduces emotional overwhelm + stimulates clear thinking
    • Water element - lepidolite: clears chakras during meditation + releases attachment to past trauma
    • All zodiac signs + all elements - Clear quartz: powerfully amplifies intentions + directs flow of energy

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