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Wise Up! – The Wicked Smart Party Card Game

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  • Challenge yourself! It's easy to Wise Up!
  • Players take a card, in turn, and pose the Question to the player to their left. If that player answers correctly, they keep the card. If not, the player to their left tries to answer it. Play continues clockwise.
  • There are 150 thought-provoking questions, like:
    • What was Sleeping Beauty's real name?
    • What is the circumference of a golf ball?
    • Name a mammal that lays eggs.
    • Where is your zygomatic arch?
    • What are the eight ingredients of a V8?
  • But wait... Wise Up! also has 50 devilish Challenges that add a fabulous physical dimension to the game such as:
    • Throw this card on the floor and pick it up without using your hands.
    • Or how about: Swap shirts with the player to your left.
    • Anyone for a "Thumb War?"
    • Plus a few Group Challenges too: Who can do the most pushups?
  • Game is a nifty and original perfect gift for smart alecks and wiseacres of all ages.
  • Made in United States

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