Cabinet Knob and Drawer Pull Installation Tips

Cabinet Knob and Drawer Pull Installation Tips

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One of the least expensive and simplest way to freshen the appearance of dresser drawers, cabinet doors or drawers is changing out the knobs.  There are so many styles of knobs and pulls to choose from - and you don't have to pick the same style - you can mix and match.  Whatever direction you go, by changing out this hardware, you can effectively change the appearance in a dramatic way.

There are two variables that can make changing knob and pull hardware unnecessarily complicated:

  1. not every drawer or cabinet door has the same depth
  2. not every knobs or pull has a standard screw length.

The good news is that YOU DON'T have to find the exact length screw to make it work for your particular application. These quick tips will enable you to easily work with virtually any screw length.



No problem!  You can use a countersink drill bit to create a bigger hole for the screw head to fit through.

If the hole already exists for the knob, choose a drill bit that is the same size as the head of the screw (or nut).  If the initial hole does not yet exist, drill through as you would ordinarily with a bit sized for the screw itself and then follow the instructions for the countersink hole.


Place the larger drill bit tip in the center of the already drilled smaller hole.   Drill deep enough to allow the screw to come through the other side of your drawer front (but DO NOT drill all the way through with this larger bit!)

When you make your countersink hole, there should be enough threads coming through to hold the knob or pull.  You may have to test it a few times to get it deep enough.  AGAIN- You do not want to go all the way through the board with this big drill bit.  Do a little at a time until it the knob screws on.


As shown in this illustration, a larger countersink hole was made for the screw head (or nut).  This allows the other end of the screw to protrude through the face of your cabinet door or drawer and allows you to complete the installation of your knob or pull!



No problem!  There are two easy ways to fix this problem.

The easiest fix is to add a washer or two on the inside of the screw. If the screw is too long for the washer fix, see #2 below


Measure the excess screw length and mark that distance + 1/16” more on the screw with a sharpie marker.

Use a pair of wire strippers and thread the screw into a hole on the pliers (the one that fits best). The mark should be on the inside of the pliers.

Squeeze firmly on the pliers to cut the screw to the correct length

Your screw is now the right length for your particular application.

Something to keep in mind - some pulls come with a head at the end of the screw and some with a nut.  These tips will work in either case.

Now go and mix it up with new drawer knobs and pulls from Mellow Monkey. We have an even wider selection in our Stratford, Connecticut store!

- Howard (Owner), Mellow Monkey


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