Honoring A Warrior | My Mom Maureen (Christie) Leveille

Honoring A Warrior | My Mom Maureen (Christie) Leveille

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I wanted to thank each of you for the kind words of support as I embraced the loss of someone very special to me - my Mom.

Every word and expression from each of you has meant a great deal to me and I am thankful for a community full of so much love and compassion.

I lost my Mom who had been fighting with a very long and difficult battle with Parkinson's disease. Maureen Leveille was a single mom, full of stubborn gusto and determination through a life that was not easy. She persevered and fought like a warrior and took pride in never giving up. Because of who she was and how she fought, she made me who I am today. 

Thank you again for love.

Warm regards,

Howard Aspinwall
Mellow Monkey

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