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Bling - Wabi Whiffs Fizzing Toilet Love Bombs - 200g

Bling - Wabi Whiffs Fizzing Toilet Love Bombs - 200g

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Product Features
  • Bling (plumeria) Fragrance
  • Unique and exotic bouquet of sensuous flowers for a sophisticated feminine floral fragrance.
  • Contains yellow and white fizzing hearts with gold and silver biodegradable glitter.
  • Be the boss of your no.2 and avoid poo anxiety.
  • Don't hide these stylish toilet love bombs! keep them handy and eliminate poo odor instantly.
  • Drop 1-2 fizzing bombs (no judging) into the toilet. An effervescing fragrant film forms on the toilet water trapping and eliminating odors. Just drop, go and flush when done.
  • Approximately 60 poos
  • Contains cosmetic non-staining color, natural essential oils, biodegradable glitter, citric acid, and baking soda
  • Discreet, convenient and works instantly
  • Dissolves quickly with no need to wait for bombs to totally dissolve just drop & go and have a poo happy day!
  • Septic safe (that’s code for yes, it’s safe to flush!)
  • Non-toxic bathroom odor solution
  • Great for offices, roomies & all shared spaces