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Cat Bods - Cat Photobooth Box 12-in Interactive Play Cube

$ 14.99

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  • Cat Bods is more than a cardboard box! It's an interactive play area that allows your pet to embody a variety of different characters. IT'S REALLY FOR US CAT OWNERS... ITS HILARIOUS TO WATCH.
  • The 12” x 12” construction fits most kitties and offers an entrance plus 4 unique bods for your kitty to choose from.
  • Cat Bods creates a fun and photo-worthy scene for you to snap pics of your adorable feline to share with friends
  • When your cat isn’t in the mood to show off their new bod, it also serves as a great place to chill. After all, what cat doesn’t love hanging out in boxes?
  • It’s the purr-fect Prime gift for any Kitten or cat lover in your life! Not just a scratching post, cat tower or Catnip - its a unique and thoughtful gift.

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