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MetalBird - Peregrine Falcone

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One of the world’s most widespread birds, the word "peregrine" means "wanderer" or "pilgrim". Peregrine Falcons are found in all continents except Antarctica and thought to migrate as much as 15,500 miles a year, traveling between continents to mate or find food. Now that's dedication! An elite predator with exceptional eyesight, its picks out its prey from over half a mile above it, before stooping (or dive bombing), reaching speed of well over 200mph before smashing the unsuspecting bird or critter. Fortunately, our version has had a feed and is taking a break. A beautiful bird just looking for a nice yard to rest up in.

The Peregrine Falcon is:

  • 10 inches high by 6.7 inches wide (doesn't include measurement of the branch/spike)
  • Easily installed with the tap of a hammer (pre-drill hard wood)
  • Designed in 1/7-inch Corten® steel to form a beautiful patina of rust that changes with the seasons
  • Makes an ideal gift for a lover of fine things or a strong and loyal friend
    Regular 11" 8" 1/4" 8oz

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