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MetalBird - Red Tailed Hawk

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Sometimes called a ‘chickenhawk’ but Red-tailed Hawks will in fact eat pretty much everything except a full-sized chicken – squirrels, mice, rabbits, birds, reptiles, snakes, lizards, fish and insects are all on the menu. Distinctive for its very cool red tail, this 2021 US Battle of the Birds winner is an open-country bird, often seen perched on a pole or soaring in wide circles above fields, looking like it’s just chillin’, till…dinner runs by. The Red-tailed Hawk has a loud, high-pitched screaming whistle. You hear it all the time in TV shows and movies, no matter which bird of prey is onscreen. Because, why let truth get in the way of a good sound effect?

Our Red-Tailed Hawk is:

  • 17" high by 5.2" wide (doesn't include measurement of the branch/spike)
  • Easily installed with the tap of a hammer (pre-drill hard wood)
  • Designed in 1/7-inch bullet-proof Corten® steel to form a beautiful patina of rust that changes with the seasons
  • Shipped to you quickly
  • A great gift for a friend who will eat anything

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