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Old School Matchbox - WTF

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Yeah, matches are fucking USEFUL. And not just for lighting candles. Place them in your attic to ward off ghosts! Chuck them in your bag and set fires on the go. Fucking perfect for the unemployed! Guaranteed dolphin-safe by Ol’ Uncle Jimbo. WARNING: never perch matchboxes precariously on the edge of a baby’s crib.  Made in Japan.

Matches are useful!  For candles, bathroom odors, blunts, doomsday, unpaid electrical bills, Amish technology.  Each box measures 2-1/4-in x 1-5/8-in and contains approximately 16-18 wooden matches.

Old School Matchbooks: WTF
Six different styles (EACH SOLD SEPARATELY)
all 6 matchbooks from the curse word-filled matchbox release:
Fuck Bad Vibes
Fuck That
Calm the Fuck Down
What the Fuck?
Don’t Fuck with Fire
Let That Shit Go.

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