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Owl Garden or Potted Plant Pick - 20-in

$ 8.99

  • The Owl Pick is a playful design that is perfect for a vibrant flower bed or garden filled with thriving plants and luscious greenery!
  • The carefully crafted metal cutouts add shape and detail to the owl’s body and face to complete the classic and iconic look of this distinctive bird.
  • The Owl Pick is made of recycled steel and pre-treated to create our signature rusted texture and vintage look. It would be the perfect accent for your front flower bed as a beautiful accent to complement your home and welcome guests as they arrive! Owls are unique birds with several defining features.
  • This whimsical owl depiction highlights their round eyes, face, and body, as well as their perky ears and flat beak.
  • Even this simplified design is curated with nature’s beauty in mind!
  • Dimensions: Stake Length – approximately 20” long, Owl Size – 3.25” wide x 4.75” tall.
  • Made in United States

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